Ariya Monastic and Laity Training Program (AMLTP)

Ariya Sangha and Laity Training Program is a spiritual vocational training program for aspirant members of the Fourfold Assembly,  with special emphasis in the development of Bhikkhuni Sangha and female Dhamma teachers.

It is a practical program, not only to accumulate wealth of knowledge and ideas about Buddhism and its philosophy, and Buddha’s Teaching from Pali Nikaya, participants will also learn how to transform their life into living experiences of Right Understanding, compassion, and wisdom, thus, help oneself and the society to actualize peace and joy, living in harmony with the community, and making progress in accordance with the Dhamma for the cooling off of all defilements (Nibbana).


It represents a six-year graduated course comprising six core knowledge and practice: Buddha-Dhamma, Bhavana, Sila & Vinaya, Pali Verses and Application, History of Buddhism and Dhamma Living Soft Skills. The first three-year provides learning for eight preceptors cladding in white, anagarika (homeless one, stay in with a bhikkhuni teacher) and the subsequent three-year for female going forth novice samaneri and bhikkhuni monastic training.


A Bridgeway from the home life to the holylife…..


The monastic mentor is Venerable Sumangala Bhikkhuni, the president of Ariya Vihara Buddhist Society and the Abbess of Ariya Vihara, with the support and guidance from the elder Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis:

  • Venerable B. Saranankara Nayaka Maha Thero, the Chief Judiciary Monk of Malaysia and the Abbot of Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple; and the Monastic Advisory Panel of Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia
  • Venerable Dr. Dhammapala Maha Thero, the Abbot of Brahma Vihara Monastery and Retreat Center, Malaysia; and the Monastic Advisory Panel of Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia
  • Venerable Santini Theri, the President of PERBIKTHIN and the Abbess of Wisma Kusalayani, Indonesia; and
  • Venerable Dr. Viditadhamma (Lieuphap) Theri, the Abbess of Sunnata Bhikkhuni Arama, Vietnam; and Lecturer of Dhamma Buddhist University, Ho Chih Minh, Vietnam
  • and the Sangha Education Development Team of qualified Lay Dhamma speakers and practitioners.

With Threefold Training: morality, samadhi and wisdom, the Fourfold Community will continue to grow for the well being, happiness and benefit of all sentient beings.